Vote DeLucia

for a real choice

and real alternatives

Paid for by Claude DeLucia for State Representative

Welcome Neighbor

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching Montpelier and shaking my head.

The problems Vermont faces aren’t getting solved. Meanwhile more of our neighbors struggle to makes ends meet.

I am running to be your representative in Montpelier to help give working families a stronger voice in the statehouse.

We need fresh voices that will stand up for the needs of regular people and demand fair and equitable taxes. We need someone who will fight to give Vermont a universal health care system so all of us can be guaranteed good quality, and affordable health coverage. We need representatives who understand that small businesses drive the Vermont economy and will see to it that the state puts resources towards them---not giant, out of state corporations.

I look forward to meeting you as I campaign door-to-door and I hope you will consider supporting me this November 2nd. Vote for me for a real choice and real alternatives. Together we can make a difference.

Why I'm a candidate for State Representative in Bennington district 2-2

In this election season we can all agree that we are in a transitional period unlike any other. Our economy, the environment, and our democracy are all in transition. What we do know is that our current problems are not a force of nature. They are all man made. We also know that the issues are not about good and evil or about good and gooder. They are about how we take control of our future for the common good. We are at a pivotal moment where reality has collided with fantasy. We are not where we were supposed to be. We were told that self-interest would self regulate and we would all prosper. We have just narrowly avoided an enduring global depression following that myth.

What is to be done? Well, that is what this campaign is about. We are urged to cut social spending, deregulate, and privatize. Well, we’ve seen what happen when Wall Street is allowed to regulate itself and when the oil industry is allowed to regulate itself. How could it possibly make sense to continue this way?

I believe in our core values of the sovereignty of the individual and a commitment to the democratic process. I believe that another world is possible with equity justice and truth. I believe that with our social capital we can work ourselves out of our current problems.

If what I have said appeals to you, talk to your friends and have them visit my website ( request a lawn sign, volunteer, and vote for me on November 2nd.

Vote! DeLucia for a real choice and real alternatives.